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Alchemex in Australia – Background Information

Alchemex Pty Ltd is our parent company in Australia. We are the exclusive Distributor of all Sage Alchemex products within the Australasian Region and also distribute Forecast 5, a Budgeting and Forecasting tool within Australia.

Alchemex Pty Ltd was established by Chris Millar in December 2006 after his immigration to Australia from South Africa. Chris bought the distribution rights to the software holding company (Then, Alchemex Pty Ltd) in South Africa, off co-founders Gary Boddington, Charles Teversham and Darryl Smith. Alchemex then acquired an exclusive distributorship of Forecast5 for Australia in 2014.

Since the merge by Sage Pty Ltd in 2011 to Alchemex [South Africa], Alchemex [Australia] maintains the distribution of Sage Alchemex products for our region. Importantly, we focus on distribution of our product generically (Sage Intelligence Reporting) around the world.

Recently Alchemex Pty Ltd has established a new company, namely, Alchemex Development, for all of our product integrations. The first integration was developed in late 2013 into Advanced Business Manager, due to release in ABM 8. Sage Intelligence Reporting is currently integrated into many products under different names and are more commonly being utilized as the Business Intelligence Reporting Software within many independent packaged solutions.

Alchemex as a core software is also known as:

  • Sage Intelligence Reporting
  • Advanced Business Manager – ABM Alchemex
  • Pastel Evolution – Business Intelligence Centre
  • Sage Pastel Evolution – Business Intelligence Centre
  • Sybiz – Business Intelligence Centre
  • Sage Handisoft – Practice Intelligence
  • Sage X3 – Sage Intelligence Financial Reporting for Sage X3 ERP
  • Wage Easy – Eazy Business Analyzer

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Alchemex Development

Director of Alchemex Pty Ltd, Chris Millar, has since ventured into the world of integration by establishing a new company in 2012, Alchemex Development, along with co-founder David Beahan. Alchemex Development Pty Ltd is established to keep up with the needs of today’s market and our Business Partners, to ensure that integrations happen promptly.