Forecast 5 Frequently Asked Questions

USERNAME: admin PASSWORD: Leave the password field blank as there is no password.
Forecast 5 currently has an auto-connect option with SAP Business One, but is undergoing continued development in order to increase its auto-connections with other mid-space ERP systems. For example, development for successful auto-connection with Sybiz and Sage300 is currently in progress.
Forecast 5 allows up to 15 years of forecasted data in one forecast.
There is no limit to the number of bank accounts or the currencies they can be in. To create a new foreign currency bank account, simply: 1. Add a new bank account in the bank area and enter the currency it is in. 2. Use a Separately Invoiced Sales record to specify into which bank account the funds are received.
Budgeting in currencies is easy – set up the currency and rates you want in the currencies tabs, and then in the applicable records select the correct currency and enter your data.
To import from Excel, do the following: Create the forecast in Forecast 5. Export the forecast and paste it next to your Microsoft Excel budget. Move the budget records inside the sections of your forecast. Select and copy the spreadsheet. Return to Forecast 5 and click on Import Record List.
To import budgets from Sage WinForecast, do the following: Set up the correct parameters in the target forecast within Forecast 5. Create identical sections to your Sage WinForecast budgets. Within Sage WinForecast, right-click the mouse and export the record list to the clipboard. Change to Forecast 5 and click on the Import Record List button. Amend the records to be the right type and terms.For a demonstration on how to do this, a useful video is provided on under the FAQs subheading.
System Memory (RAM): 4 GB Processor (CPU): 1.6 Ghz Dual Core Free Hard Drive Space: 1 GB Operating Systems: Windows XP SP3 / 7/8, Windows Server 2003 / 2008 / 2012. Prerequisites: .NET Framework 4.0, Microsoft SQL 2008 or greater.
Yes, there is a FREE 10 day trial of Forecast 5. You will be able to choose between a standard or consolidation version and have the full functionality of the Forecast 5 product. Download the trial at
Forecast 5 requires SQL Server 2008 and newer in order to function. You can either use an existing copy or install a new version. Forecast 5 will prompt you to install SQL Server when installing the software if a valid installation is not detected.
Yes. We currently have customers who are successfully using Forecast 5 to predict their crops, livestock, accurately.
The Forecast 5 Annual License Fee gives you another years use of the Forecast 5 product. It also covers the free upgrades and version releases, access to the Knowledge Base and answers to your support queries. You will be notified 45 days prior to your renewal date, then receive an invoice 30 days prior. Once the invoice has been paid, you will need to ensure your details are all correct and click Activate Online Now.
As part of the annual license fee, we will provide support to fully trained staff members free of charge. To contact support, phone us on +61 2 9890 2339 or email This does not cover installations and consulting work.