Forecast 5 Licensing

Like Alchemex’s business intelligence products, Forecast 5 Licensing works in a unique way that incorporates a one-off purchase fee, and then a 20% annual fee to keep the product. In comparison, most software in this space charge the initial purchase fee annually, which often increases year after year.

‘Lite’ License

One user able to create/customise one forecast on one PC.


Single User License

One user able to create/customise multiple forecasts on one PC.


Network License

Install Forecast 5 onto a server and then onto as many PCs in the office as you like.



Combine forecasts from a number of companies with a wide range of inter-company eliminations available.


Annual Licence Fee (mandatory) and Additional Information

20% of initial purchase price annually.

For all licenses except the ‘Lite’ option, additional users can be purchased to accommodate your individual goals or team structure!

To organise the purchase of Forecast 5 software or training, or to arrange a discussion or demonstration of the software, please contact Alchemex on one of the following options:

  • Phone: (02) 9890 2339
  • Email: