Forecast 5 Training and Support


With constant updates being released for Forecast 5, there are non-stop new features to learn and take advantage of.

The Forecast 5 training course offers all users an opportunity to discover firsthand the skills to using Forecast 5 effectively and incorporating the brand new features into your business.

Although Forecast 5 is a replacement for Sage WinForecast, Forecast 5 promotes a modern look and feel. There are different ways to input data, create records and view reports, and the training course is designed help you feel confident in using this product.

Web-based or in-person, the Forecast 5 training course allows for each attendee to achieve the maximum amount of knowledge and an enjoyable experience.

What’s Covered

  • A comprehensive run through of the software and of the benefits for you company, including:
    • Basic setup
    • Data entry methods
    • Importing and exporting
    • Reports and their functions
    • Opening balances
    • Actuals
    • Extending forecasts
    • Templates
    • Consolidations and eliminations.
  • A detailed training manual.
  • Training exercises designed to build your working knowledge of the product and to keep existing users up to date. Training courses are customisable according to the user’s existing proficiency, but some features will require completion of prerequisite material.


What’s Covered?

With a current Forecast 5 annual license fee, you receive automatic Forecast 5 updates, answers to all your support questions, access to our informative Knowledge Base and annual registration codes.

  • Auto UpdatesForecast 5 is under constant development and we want our customers to enjoy new features as soon as they are available.
  • Support – If you have a quick question about using Forecast 5 or what it does, we are happy to help!
  • Knowledge Base – The Forecast 5 Knowledgebase is available 24/7. Whether you are based in NZ or the US, you can easily find the answers you need.

Alchemex Support

Alchemex should always be your first point of call for questions relating to Forecast 5. This is because it’s likely that we’ve come across your problem before, and can offer a quick and simple solution! For more technical queries or problems that we cannot resolve, we will assist you to get in touch with Navigator Software in New Zealand.

Note: Support is not a substitute for training and consulting services are chargeable at the prevailing rate.

Navigator Support

Logging your query

  • Log your queries through Navigator’s support portal by emailing They will then be investigated by their support team.
  • To ensure a quick solution, provide your company name, version number (Help > About Forecast 5) and any screen shots that may assist.
  • You will receive an immediate automated response with a ticket number once your query is logged.
  • Please keep note of this ticket number as this allows them to keep track of your issue.
  • If you do NOT receive an automated email, please check your junk mail. If still no email appears, contact their support team directly on (+64) 9 820 9960.
  • On the automated reply, you can find the link to their portal, where you can view the status of your ticket, update your details and add more information.

Ticket is logged

  • Once your ticket has been logged, Navigator endeavor to respond within 48 hours, however they work on a first in – first served basis; the exception being urgent situations.
  • If you are contacting support for an update or additional information on an issue, ensure that you have your support ticket number ready to be quoted.
  • If the support team does not receive communication from you within 3 days, they will close the ticket.
  • If a solution has been provided and confirmed, the support team will close the ticket.
  • If the ticket has been closed and is still an issue, simply contact the support team with your ticket number and the ticket will be reopened.