Packaged Courses

Packages are designed to give the trainees education to assist them in utilizing their desired skills effectively when they are using our solutions. Packages are discounted compared to the normal pricing.

Sage Intelligence Training

Designed for Report Managers and System Administrators

This packaged bundle includes all of the Alchemex courses only. It is designed for individuals who believe they have all the Excel Skills required to write their own Business Intelligence reporting.

Excel Training

Designed for individuals who require skills for everyday Excel use

This is training from Basic to Advanced Excel utilizing the Discovering Excel course and the three Excel on Steroids workshops. Anyone who works in Excel extensively should do this course even if they do not work with Alchemex as it will save them time estimated as 10 minutes of every hour on average.

Excel Advanced Training

Designed for individuals who would like to unleash the power of Excel

Users who are at an intermediate level and need to hone their skills in advanced data analysis in Excel use this package. It covers the three Excel on Steroids workshops.

Business Intelligence Pack – Intermediate Training

Designed for Report Managers

This is the most common course we sell and is designed for anyone who is going to use the system but does not necessarily want to learn to write reports. This bundle includes the Alchemex Training Courses, and the Excel Training courses.

Alchemex Certified Professional Training

Designed to apply the Basics to functional Business Intelligence Reporting and individual whom wants to write Alchemex Reports

The certified course uses the BI Pack as a base and is then followed by applied training where the trainee learns to write reports. Anyone who is planning on writing their own reports should attempt this course. A member of the Alcheme Training Team will be avilable to guide and assist you through the entire training period.