What is best for me?

Do you want to learn to write complex Financial and Business reports?

The correct course for you is the Certified Professional Course. In this course, it includes the Business Intelligence Reporting Package, but we go above and beyond it. We allow customers to select a report of their choice which is either require in the office, or they will be writing for their client and making money off, and we give 2 hours of our time to teach you how to write that report. Immediately there is a return on the investment, and you get help with any questions, as well as guidance in the best practice methods.

Do you want a Business Intelligence Reporting Package?

This reporting package is our most popular. We recommend that with every sale, every client buys this package for at least the Administrator of the Alchemex software. The reason for this is because it gives you a complete overview of the Alchemex software, as well as our world-renowned Excel on Steroids courses. It not for the individual that is going to be creating reports from scratch, but it is for ever power user of the system, allowing them to manipulate reports and be in full control of their solution.

Just running and viewing reports?

All you need is our Alchemex Training. This training gives you an over of the software solutions and how to use the products.

Use Microsoft Excel everyday but don’t have all of the necessary skills?

Our world-renowned Excel on Steroids courses are for you! They teach you all of the powerful functions and shortcuts for using Microsoft Excel in your preferred version. The training ranges from our very basic Discovery Excel course, to Excel on Steroids for Auditors being the most advanced.