Forecast 5 has been designed to eliminate the time-consuming task of producing spreadsheets to create financial models and having to modify them as business assumptions change.

Using Forecast 5, it can take just 30 minutes to complete your first forecast and instantly view a variety of reports including integrated Profit and Loss, Cash Flow, Funds Flow and Balance Sheet forecasts.

Forecast 5 allows you to create forecasts for your business or operation that can either be as detailed or as high level as you need as well as allowing you to consider the future of your business from as many angles as you can imagine. For example “What if the costs of raw materials increase by 10%?” or “Can I afford to increase my advertising spend?”

Why Choose Forecast 5?

Mistake-free Forecasting

  • Many spreadsheets contain errors. Forecast 5 makes sure that when you enter one value, all associated accounts such as Debtors, Creditors, the Bank account and GST are updated.
  • The values within your forecast will always balance and you no longer have to worry about reconciling your accounts. Enjoy complete confidence in the accuracy of your forecasts.

Integrated Report Set

  • Full Profit & Loss, Cash Flow, Balance Sheet, Funds Flow and supporting schedules included and available instantly.
  • Raw data for each business activity is entered on easy-to-use screens and is used to generate all of the reports


  • Detailed, comprehensive and fast.
  • Forecast your sales revenue, wages costs, direct costs, overheads and all balance sheet items including fixed assets, debtors, creditors and bank accounts.
  • Extend your forecasts to up to 15 years, allowing you to easily create a forecast in the format required by your bank.
  • Export data easily to Excel for graphing.
  • Customise and save reports to suit your business or audience.
  • Print report data for months, quarters, years or a mixture.

Financial Planning

  • Create Rolling forecasts and revise projections as you wish, and report on either the original or forecasted figures. Re-forecasting based on actual results is so quick that budgeting and financial planning becomes a year-round exercise.

Multiple Currencies

  • Enter sales and costs in their own currency. Consolidate foreign subsidiaries.
  • Maintain foreign currency rates by month and foreign currency bank accounts.

What-if? Scenarios

  • Perform sensitivity analysis by record or forecast section without the hassle of having to manually change your data.

Save Time

  • Hot-link your forecasts to spreadsheets.
  • With Forecast 5 you can import your accounting data easily, creating forecasts in a fraction of the time it currently takes. Because the information is imported from your accounting package you can avoid the risk of entry-associated errors and be sure that your data is accurate.
  • Use an existing forecast as a template for others, cutting out the original time consuming job of record creation. This is especially useful for consolidating forecasts.


  • GST, VAT, Income Tax and PAYG can considerably affect your cash flow and net profit. They are also complex areas to understand. Forecast 5 will automatically calculate these values for you and work out when they will affect your cash flow.
  • Use the powerful employee group function to forecast your payroll costs by setting up payment details for different categories of employees, including commission, bonuses and pension schemes.

Consolidation Option

  • Combine forecasts from a number of companies in Profit Centres (in different currencies if required), with a wide range of inter-company eliminations available. business activity is entered on easy-to-use screens and is used to generate all of the reports.


Actuals & Variance Reports

Import your actuals and look at variances on Profit & Loss and Cashflow reports.

Stock Made

For bills of material. Use components to transfer labour and overheads to the production. Link to units of sale.


Create separate forecasts for business units in own currencies and consolidate to get a comprehensive overview


Forecast 15 years long term capital expenditure or extend and see the projected growth allow increases on sales expenses costs to be modelled.

Wages, Employee Groups, Pensions, Tax

Model wage by employee or groups. Recognise tax and pensions compliant for United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.


You can ‘hotlink’ your forecast to spreadsheets. Change the data in the link and your forecast is automatically updated. Import from accounting software.

Departments and Cost Centres

Use departments to generate trading P&L Sales, less costs, and use folders to group costs centre expenses down to 5 levels.

Accruals and Pre-Payments

Manage accrual and prepayment records. Correctly recognise the expense and accrue/prepay the balance sheet entry until the invoice is received.

Fixed Assets, Loans and Factoring

Model the balance sheet with fixed assets, depreciation and financed assets. As well as loan to and from the entity along with factoring of debtors and stock.

Multiple Users, User Management with restricted views

Manage multiple users by restricting which forecasts they can see. If you have two branches, you are able to keep forecasts separate from each other.

What If Scenarios

Model what if sales increase or decrease 4% year on year expenses. See the impact and save as a new forecast, reset or make the new figure the base forecast.

Rolling Forecasts

Enter revised rolling forecasts each month, compare your budget to actuals and to revised projection. Re-forecast forward the length of your budget and report variances against rolling or original.


Stock budgeting allows you manage the balance sheet value by stock days on hand, values, batches or different methods. Recognising the stock holding and purchasing changes that can happen and see the potential impact that this has on your cashflow.

Foreign Currency & Foreign Currency Bank Accounts

Model your forecast or some sales or costs records in a different currency. Select a currency and enter a monthly exchange rate. Model that through your overseas currency bank accounts and reflect exchange movements.


Produce the reports you need for a complete financial forecast, including cash flow, profit & loss and balance sheet. Forecast your sales revenue, wages costs, direct costs, overheads and including balance sheet items like fixed assets, debtors, creditors and bank accounts. Easily create a forecast in the format required by your bank.

Integrations – Integrations with Xero, Sage 50 Accounts, MYOB Exonet and Sage 300 are available and allows users to import data direct from their financial application, eliminating the time-consuming and error-prone task of manually keying figures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sage WinForecast stopped development in 1998 despite it’s popularity.
Sage WinForecast was distributed until March 2013, where after no new licenses were sold.
Support ceased in 2014.

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Forecast 5 allows up to 15 years of forecasted data in one forecast.

Budgeting in currencies is easy – set up the currency and rates you want in the currencies tabs, and then in the applicable records select the correct currency and enter your data.

Add a new bank account in the bank area and enter the currency it is in.
Use a Separately Invoiced Sales record to specify into which bank account the funds are received.
There is no limit to the number of bank accounts or the currencies they can be in.


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