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Changing Workstation License Types

To see the available licenses for your installation, do the following:

  1. Launch the License Manager
  2. Double click on the License Company Name
  3. The numbers on the right-hand side in the Properties screen show how many licenses you have on your license, including
    • Connector Licenses (Administrator Tool Licenses)
    • Report Manager Licenses
    • Report Viewer Licenses
    • Financial Report Designer License (Excel Genie Enabled)

To change a license type

  1. Select the License Name in the list of workstations already licensed
  2. “Workstation License Type” shows what it is currently licensed as
  3. Select the dropdown and change it to the desired license
  4. Click Apply

Note: if there are not enough available licenses to make the change, you will need to delete a license of the appropriate type and then re-add it once more have become free. The easiest way is to note down the workstation name from the list and then manually re-add it. It can also be done by delete the license and then getting the workstation to launch any module. This will bring up a select box for available licenses again.

To delete a license and re-allocate it

  1. Right click on the Workstation name
  2. Select “Delete
  3. Confirm
  4. Run “Perform Serialisation” again by select the License Company Name and using the “Perform Serialisation” button from the main screen

Manually add a license

  1. Note down the workstation name or retrieve it from the workstation itself
  2. Right click on the License Company Name
  3. Select “Add Workstation License
  4. Input the Workstation Name (please note it is case sensitive)
  5. Select the License Type


Last Updated On: November 20, 2018