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Enter Data Connection Details Pop-Up

This applies to all Sage Intelligence standalone and Integrated Product versions.






This appears as a result of a few things:

  1. There is a genuine connection problem with the connection to the RKLTrading database.
  2. There are more than one auto-connections configured against the database.
  3. You have previously installed an auto-connect version of Sage Intelligence Reporting and then upgraded to the standard product.


  1. The connection is found the in the Sage Intelligence Reporting program folder and is a database called “RKL Trading”. For the standard Products, it is on C:\SageIntelligenceReporting73. Dependent on your product, it may very slightly. The easiest way to check is to do the following:
    • Click start > right-click on the Report Manager > Open File Location
    • Right-click on the Report Manager and look for the target location on the shortcut tab which will give you the folder.
  2. Double click the connection types in the connector and check which connections have been configured with the Auto-connect checkbox ticked.
  3. Please install the older version of the product or ensure that the updated version of the same Auto-connect solution is installed as part of the upgrade.

If none of these resolutions help, please open a support ticket on this page: New Support Ticket

Last Updated On: February 20, 2018