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Invalid Object Name

ISSUE: Invalid object name

SYMPTOMS: When running out reports in X3 an error is received that the table/column/view etc. is an “invalid object name”

CAUSE: There is no SQL server login/user created for connection to your Schema.

If you are creating a manual connection in Alchemex to connect to a Sage X3 Database where there are generally multiple schemas. You have to create a separate login in SQL server to connect to a single schema. This will then resolve the error:


Open SQL Server Management Studio: 

1.Create a New login: From the SQL Server object: Select Security Right click on Logins Select New Login Create a new login for the SQL server, selecting SQL Server authentication, Set the Default database to the X3 database

2.Create a new User: From the X3 database object:

  • Select Security
  • Right click on Users
  • Select New User
  • Create a new user, providing a name (make it the same name as that created in the server object above)
   a. Make sure “login name’ is selected and using the browse button on the right select the login name which you created in 
      the SQL server object above 
   b. Default Schema – make sure you select the default schema name for the database you are working with. (dr) 
   c. Do not select any schemas in the Owned Schemas box 
   d. In the Database role membership box select db_datareader 
   e. Click OK.

3.Use this new user in the properties of your X3 connection in Alchemex.

For technical support: Applies to X3

Last Updated On: March 28, 2018