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Serialising Alchemex / Sage Intelligence Reporting

To prevent software piracy and illegal use of Alchemex / Sage Intelligence Reporting, the software needs to be serialized once a year. The process involves downloading files and information from the update server that re-enables the software. 

  1. Open the License Manager by going to Start > License Manager (It is always suggested to run this as an Administrator if possible)
  2. If it is your first time running the serialisation, you need enter your Company Name and Serialisation Number as supplied by us.
  3. Once applied, if you are connected to the internet, click the Perform Serialisation button at the bottom of the screen.






4. If it is successful, a box will show saying “Completed Successfully” and the License Manager will then shut down.

Note: You may have additional steps dependent on your version of Alchemex / Sage Intelligence Reporting

Performing Serialisation Telephonically

If there is no internet connection available then serialization can also be performed telephonically.

  1. Before you can do this you must obtain a Dongle file (PLDONGLE.DLL) from your Alchemex Customer Support consultant
  2. Once you have done this, open the License Manager and from the Tools menu,  choose Serialize by Phone
  3. Confirm you have placed the dongle file in the relevant folder as per step 1 by clicking OK
  4. The screen below will be displayed and your Alchemex Customer Support consultant will take you through the rest of the process to serialize your product.
  5. You will need to supply your Alchemex Customer Support consultant with the relevant information displayed on your screen. (See example below)









  1. Enter the information as supplied to you by the support centre.  On successful serialization, you will receive a “Completed Successfully” notification, and you can start using your product.



Last Updated On: March 13, 2018