Sage Intelligence Reporting Licensing & Features

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Running Reports

Execute the running of the a report to provide up-to-date and real-time information.

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Inputting Parameters on Reports

Allows the user to input specified parameters at run-time. Parameters can include things like Job Number, date ranges etc.

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Editing Report Layout and Functions

The Report Layout is specified and can be changed to a template to suit your business reporting needs. Templates refer to the front-end layout the report runs out into, unleashing the power of Microsoft Excel.

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Adding Containers to Reports

Containers specify the information that can be utilized by the report. These containers include adding graphical joins, SQL statements, Stored Procedures, Basic Tables and more.

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Adding Security to Reports

The security module allows access to specified reports by different individuals. It also includes allowing publishing the report to external menu’s, closing the workbook on run completion and more.

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Building Distribution Commands

The proliferation of information around an organisation has never been so easy with Report Trees. Take one or multiple worksheets from on workbook, and automatically distribute them via email at run time to specified individuals. Have the report scheduled to run and distribute the information automatically without the hassle of manual manipulation.

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Utilising the Report Designer Module

The Report Designer module is our most powerful and advanced Financial Reporting module. It allows a drag-and-drop interface interrogated to the database structure for automatic creation and formatting of financial statements.

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Scheduling Running and Distribution of ReportsSchedule reports to run automatically through the windows scheduler task manager. Automatically distribute those reports and get up-to-date information to the place it needs to be, when it needs to be there. Cubes Cubes No entry sign

Access to the Sage Intelligence Community

The Sage Intelligence Reporting Community is accessed by over 2500+ of our best report writers worldwide. It is a hugely valuable resource in best practice documents, discussions and information.

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