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Sybiz BIC gives your business the competitive edge by enabling quick and easy access to real-time information needed for operations and strategic planning. Effortlessly create reports and analyse data from consolidated sources, utilising the familiar Microsoft® Excel® application. Sybiz BIC is the Business Intelligence Reporting tool integrated by many applications already around the world under multiple aliases.

Take your business intelligence reporting one step further and combine your data from disparate databases within your office environment. Improve the productivity of your financial staff, enhance report presentation and streamline report preparation. With Sybiz BIC you can spend more time focusing on information analysis and interpretation and less time pulling the data together.

Sage Intelligence Reporting Dashboard
Sage Intelligence Reporting Dashboard

Why choose Sybiz BIC?

Smart and Simple
More straightforward to use than other complex reporting tools available on the market, Sybiz BIC sets itself apart as an intelligent step forward for users who may only be using a spreadsheet program for their current reporting needs. Sybiz BIC increases your productivity by eliminating manual report preparation, repetitive data extracts and complex back-end data joins. It provides up-to-date, accurate and presentation-quality reports for informed decision-making, at the click of a button.

A Familiar Interface
Sybiz BIC software utilizes the Microsoft® Excel® interface — leveraging your current knowledge of Excel to ensure your reporting needs are quickly fulfilled. Automated financial, payroll and other decision-support reports are delivered in Microsoft Excel upon request, pulling real-time data directly from your system.

Not familiar with how to use Excel? Not to worry!
Sybiz BIC you don’t simply buy a product, you get access to product and Excel training, material, ‘Tips and Tricks’ and support mechanisms to get you up and running quickly.

Start Reporting Immediately
With out-the-box and easy-to-use report templates to choose from as part of the product for many software’s, Sybiz BIC allows you to be up and running with intuitive reporting functionality in a matter of minutes. If needed, custom-tweaking of the template reports is a simple and straightforward process that can be handled by any Excel user.

On Demand Reporting
Sybiz BIC is a completely customisable Excel Based Reporting pack. With a myriad of tools included for data proliferation, taking multiple sheets from a single workbook and auto-emailing them to different employees based on criteria has never been so easy.


The Connector enables you to access and consolidate information from multiple data sources. This is the first license on any site and is where we can set up connections and create the sets of information made available to reports.

Report Manager

The Report Manager license allows you to do everything the Report Viewer does, plus it allows you to edit and customise your standard report templates and save them for future use, create new reports, sort drill-downs and aggregate your data, and automate the distribution of your reports. 

Report Designer

The Report Designer has revolutionized financial reporting! It gives you two drag and drop methods to create and control your financial reports depending on your Excel knowledge and your unique business requirements. 

  • Layout Generator – The Layout Generator (previously the Excel Genie) provides a wizard-type environment for building customized financial reports. The interface is easy to use and automates the design and generation of simple financial report layouts quickly and accurately within Excel.
  • Task Pane – If you’re quite familiar with Excel, the Task Pane provides you with a 100% Excel reporting experience, but greatly enhances it by providing instant and dynamic access to data within your General Ledger. Starting with a blank canvas you simply drag in data lists, formulas, or Reporting Trees to create a report.

Report Viewer

Run existing reports, in real time, when you want them from a click of a button. 

Please contact Sybiz or your Business Partner for pricing.

What is Sybiz BIC?
Sybiz BIC is a flexible business reporting tool that integrates with your Sybiz solution and allows for better insights into your business’s data.

What does Sybiz BIC do?
Sybiz BIC gives you a holistic view of your business by seamlessly consolidating your data, reducing spreadsheet chaos and improving collaboration across your business. With Intelligence Reporting, you can automatically run and distribute fully customizable reports in Microsoft® Excel®, so you spend more time analyzing the data and less time locating and preparing it. You have the choice to either customize the ready-to-use reports or create new reports to suit your business’s unique requirements, ensuring that visibility of your information is always just a click away. You will also enjoy full control over your financial reports with a drag-and-drop Report Designer tool that is exclusive to Sybiz BIC.

Which version of Excel does Sybiz BIC support?
Microsoft® Excel® 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016 both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

Is there a way for me to view the reports with my own data?
Yes – contact Sybiz or your Business Partner for a trial today.

Recommended system requirements 

  • One of the following operating systems fully installed and operational: T Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit) T Windows 8 (32 and 64 bit) T Windows Server 2008 T Windows Server 2012 T Windows Terminal Server
  • Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0 (This will be installed if it is not present.)
  • Microsoft Excel 2007 or higher; open Microsoft Excel at least once to ensure that it is fully licensed and activated before installing Intelligence Reporting; close Microsoft Excel before beginning the installation.
  • Hardware: CPU > 1.3 GHz
  • Memory: 2GB RAM
  • Hard drive space: 350MB
  • Database connectivity supported: Sybiz BIC uses ODBC and OLEDB data connections to gain access to your database. Sybiz BIC Connector ships with pre-configured data connections to any ODBC compliance database. 

Training is delivered 100% online on our 24/7 training academy. For groups, discounts are available. 

We also deliver classroom based training on request. One of our highly trained consultants will come and sit with your team and take you through exactly what you need to know to begin writing your specific reports.

Email training@alchemex.com.au to request training today.

View our Microsoft Excel Training course descriptions.

View our Business Intelligence Reporting (Sage Intelligence Reporting Core) Training Courses.

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Save Time

Get timely, automated reports that can be run and distributed at your convenience.

Gain Control

Gain control with accurate, Excel-based reports containing data that is pulled straight from your ERP solution.

Take Action

Get immediate access to insightful information that you can view any way you choose, enabling you to make decisions.