Alchemex Pty Ltd is located in Canberra, Australia and has been trading as a Software Business Intelligence house since 2006. We utilise a network of consultants across the globe to provide the highest level of expertise for your Business Intelligence needs.

Alchemex Pty Ltd was established by Chris Millar in December 2006 after his immigration to Australia from South Africa. Chris bought the distribution rights to the software holding company (Then, Alchemex Pty Ltd) in South Africa, off co-founders Gary Boddington, Charles Teversham and Darryl Smith. Alchemex began as an exclusive distribute of “Alchemex Reporting” which was later renamed to “Sage Alchemex” and finally “Sage Intelligence.” The name changes were as a result of the aquisition of Alchemex in South Africa by Sage Group PLC, afterwhich Alchemex Pty Ltd still kept the distribution arrangement.

Since this time, we have increased our Business Intelligence suits, by adding software we believe useful for all of your Business Intelligence needs.

  • Business Intelligence Reporting – Sage Intelligence Reporting
  • Business Intelligence Reporting (MYOB Advanced Only) – Velixo
  • Forecasting & Analysis Software – Forecast 5
  • SQL Server replication (MYOB Live Only) – ODBCLink
  • ODBC Data Connectivity – CData ODBC Drivers
  • Dashboarding – Klipfolio