Christian Lindberg, Acumatica’s Vice President, Partner Solutions just published a great blog post on Velixo Reports:

With Velixo, Acumatica users have a “very, very convenient way to work from Excel and build their own financial reports.” He notes that his financial management software provides both financial reporting and project reporting. As with Acumatica ARM, Velixo allows you to create progress reports, calculate costs, compare actual costs vs. budget, and more.

But why did Gabriel choose to design and market Velixo as an Acumatica-only solution?

“It allows us to have the best possible integration and to support features that we would not be able to support otherwise,” he says.

“We support many of the important features you have in Acumatica and have full drill down and drill through. You can click on any calculation in Excel and get all the way to the original transaction. We also use the same security model, which means you don’t have to set up another set of users and passwords. All the permissions you’ve set up in Acumatica apply, including some of the more advanced security features.”

I don’t want to steal any more of his thunder, so head over to their blog if you want to know more!

You can also read more on our Excel financial and project reporting tool for Acumatica by visiting our web site at

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