If you start each day needing to use a frequently used workbook, e.g. daily sales report, to-do list, calendar, etc, then this tip is for you.  You can automatically open these workbooks, by simply adding the workbooks or a shortcut in the XLStart folder.  This is a specific folder that Microsoft® Excel® uses in which files have been saved that need to open every time the program starts.
Applies To: Microsoft Excel 2010, 2013 and 2016.
Place a workbook in the XLStart folder
The location of this folder is dependent on your version of Excel and Windows.  For example:
The workbooks themselves can be saved in this folder or alternatively, you can create a shortcut to them.  To create a shortcut, right-click in the XLStart folder and select New > Shortcut, then browse to the required workbook.
You can locate the exact path to the XLStart folder in the Excel Trust Center.
How to locate the XLStart folder:
Select the File menu, and then select Excel Options.
Select Trust Center, and then under Microsoft® Excel® Trust Center, select Trust Center Settings.
Select Trusted Locations, and then verify the path to the XLStart folder in the list of trusted locations.
By placing a frequently used workbook in the XLStart folder, you will save time. Instead of opening multiple workbooks daily, the workbooks will automatically be opened when you start Excel.
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