If you’ve created a Microsoft® Excel® report that needs to be printed double-sided (e.g. booklet form), you may want to have your headers or footers printed on different sides of the paper—left hand side for odd pages, and right hand side for even pages.
To achieve this effect, follow this tip and use the Page Setup option:
Applies To: Microsoft® Excel® 2010, 2013 and 2016.
Select the Page Layout tab and click Print Titles.

Select the Header / Footer tab.

Ensure that “Different Odd and Even Pages” has been selected.

Select either Custom Header or Custom Footer.

Two tabs are now visible at the top of the screen. One for “Odd Page Footer (or Header)” and one for “Even Page Footer (or Header)”.

Select the “Odd Page” tab and insert a footer (or header) in the Right Section.
Select the “Even Page” tab and insert a footer (or header) in the Left Section.

Select OK, and then OK again to close the window.
By using this option, you will save time because the pages will easily be identified when filing.
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