Using keyboard shortcuts in Microsoft Excel helps you increase your efficiency and productivity, and helps you to use Microsoft Excel like a pro.
In this Tip, we take a look at how we can use Excel shortcuts to save us time and increase our business efficiency. We will learn how to use keyboard shortcuts to accomplish the copying of data, formatting of Cells, deleting, applying formula and auto filters as well to create a chart from the filtered information.

You can get a handy reference guide of all these shortcuts and more by downloading our Free Excel Shortcut Cheat Sheet.
Documented below is a quick reference of all the tasks and associated keyboard shortcuts used in this Excel Tip and Trick video:
– Copy entire sheet
– Ctrl + ‘A’
 – Create new sheet
– Shift F11
 – Paste all values
– Ctrl + ‘V’
 – Paste special … column widths
– Alt key on keyboard
– Press ‘S’ for Paste Special
– Press ‘W’ for Column Widths
 – Delete the Date column (D:D)
– Navigate to cell in D
– Ctrl + ‘Space Bar’
– Ctrl + ‘-‘
 – Change the Product Sales column to not show decimal points
– Navigate to column B
– Ctrl + 1
– Tab to Number
– Tab to 0
– Enter for ‘Ok’
 – Select all blank cells in column G
– Navigate to G1
– Ctrl + ‘Space Bar’
– Press ‘Ctrl + G’
– Press Tab twice to go to ‘Special…’ button, press Enter
– Press ‘K’ for blanks
– Ctrl + ‘1’
 – Fill each cell with the following formula
– =sum(Hx/Gx)
– Ctrl + Enter to fill all cells with the formula
 – Delete Product Name column
– Navigate to column B
– Ctrl + ‘Space Bar’
– Ctrl + ‘-‘
 – Apply Auto Filter
– Alt + ‘A’ + ‘T’
 – Filter Category Name On Beverages
– Navigate to B2
– right click button
– Press ‘E’ for Filter…
– Press ‘V’ for Filter on Cell Value
 – Filter Branch on West Coast
– Navigate to cell C2
– Navigate to B2
– Right click
– Press ‘E’ for Filter…
– Press ‘V’ for Filter on Cell Value
 – Create a bar chart
– Press F11
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